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"The premier of the concert "Triple concerto for flute, clarinet and percussions" is a striking piece. The striking does not come so much from the modern composing technique, but from the flashes of basic harmonies, that were clearly heard in some places of the musical web. The soloistic parts travel within and above these harmonies. There are some intriguing, familiar motifs in the orchestral material. At places we stop at dreamlike visions, which can even be described as romantic."

Jussi Mattila - "Savon Sanomat" - 1.10.2016

"Gheorghiu's mystically rippling "Zestrea lui Zamolxe", masterfully combining romantic impressionism, dreamy minimalism and dense palaver, was through narrativeness searching for a connection to the dacian, epic past of Romania."

Auli Särkiö - "Rondo Classic" - 1.11.2012

"Luckily, we had the opportunity to hear a comment called "Bagatelle on Invented Finnish Folk Tunes", composed by the young Matei Gheorghiu (born 1984). The piece freshened up the atmosphere with a humorous and brisk touch. To order musical comments from young composers was a very successful idea."

Juha T. Koskinen - "Amfion" - 15.7.2009

"Matei Gheorghiu, even tough born in Romania, is the current chairman of the Ears Open society. In the powerful orchestral piece "A Story of the Sun and the Moon", Gheorghiu combined robust harmonic language with impressionistic and romantic gestures."

Anna Pulkis - "HBL" - 29.10.2012

"However, the most easily perceived piece in the electroacoustic new music concert of defunensemble was the piece of the youngest composer Matei Gheorghiu (born 1984) for harp, "The Garden with the Crystal Fountain". In the piece, the live-electronics was constantly catching the serves of Lily-Marlene Puusepp's harp and continuing them with echos and delays."

Samuli Tiikkaja - "Helsingin Sanomat" - 9.7.2010

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