List of Works

Solo Works

"2 Preludes for piano"     
Two very early works, one in E minor reminds of Rachmaninoff and Shostakovich,  and one written in a Romanian folklore character that evokes the styles of Debussy or Bartok.
20037 min.
First performance: Matei Gheorghiu piano, 11.10.2003, Şuţu Palace, Bucharest.
"Piano Sonata no. 1"
A one-movement early sonata, inspired mostly by the music of Sergei Prokofiev. It was thought to be in a very loose a-minor.
20049 min.
First performance: Matei Gheorghiu piano, 16.09.2004, Parliament Hall, Bucharest.
"Piano Sonata No.2"
It is a one-movement sonata and a quite strict study on perfect fifths. A technically demanding piece, it’s both dreamy and melancholic, fiery and furious.
2009-201012 min.
First performance: Jenna Ristilä piano, 23.05.2010, Sibelius Academy Akte Hall, Helsinki
"Piano Sonata No.3"
A highly difficult and demanding piece to perform; it is my first piece to work with elements of new complexity among other styles and techniques approached.
2013-201515 min.
First performance: to be announced.

Chamber Works

"When I Heard the Voice of the Thunder"  for violin, guitar and accordion
A rather romantic piece with a complex form that, like other pieces of mine works with inter-related leitmotifs.
2008-200911 min.
First performance: Emilia Karjunen violin, Szymon Pietrzak guitar, Saila Korhonen accordion, 30.10.2012, Sibelius Academy concert hall, Korvat 35 festival, Helsinki.
"Bagatelle on Invented Finnish Folk Tunes"  for English horn, contrabass and percussion
Like suggested by the title, it is a humorous short piece, written for an odd combination of instruments, based on three Finnish folk tunes invented by me.
20093 min.
First performance: Uusinta ensemble, 10.07.2009, Musiikin Aikia, Viitasaari.
"From the Day the Grass Smelled Green"  for brass quintet
It is rhapsodic piece both in terms of form and musical content. It promotes a cheerful and pastoral atmosphere. 
First performance: Tapio Paavilainen and Miikka Saarinen trumpets, Henriikka Teerikangas French horn, Pasi Mäkinen trombone, Tuomas Saloniemi tuba, 05.06.2009, Baleder Hall, Helsinki
"Très Petite Suite"  for piano, accordion and clarinet/violin
A suite in 3 movements of 1 minute each. It was written for a children’s concert based on a Japanese theme of light and fire.
First performance: Saana Uksila violin, Ella Koura accordion, Joel Papinoja piano, 29.08.2010, Atheneum hall, Runokuu festival, Helsinki.
"Modern Promenade"  for piano and kantele or 2 accordions
A short but intense processual piece.
2011 2 min.
First performance: Annikka Konttori-Gustafsson piano, Hedi Viisma kantele, 03.05.2011, Sibelius Academy Akte hall, Helsinki.
"Narval" (Narwhale) for tuba and percussion
Composed for a rather unusual combination, “Narval” proposes an image of the noble, strong, yet lonely one-horned narwhale from the Arctic Ocean.  The funny and heavy tuba becomes a melancholic and lyrical instrument.
201115 min.
First performance: Harri Lidsle tuba, Olli-Pekka Martikainen percussion, 04.09.2011, Sellosaali, Espoo
"Ratio Spei"  for French horn/cello/bass clarinet/bassoon and piano
Ratio Spei (eng: “The motivation of hope”) is a piece based on a quotation from the bible by Saint Paul about hope. It is my first piece that promotes religious and musically stylistic harmony.
First performance: Ona Damanskaite French horn, Maritta Manner piano, 26.05.2013, Sibelius Academy concert hall, Helsinki.
"Good Freedom"  for French horn/bassoon/bass clarinet/cello and piano
Good freedom is about a constructive way of understanding freedom of thought and it is based on 2 citations by Buddha and Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. It is my 2nd piece that promotes religious and musically stylistic harmony.
"Petunia"  for clarinet, French horn, viola, cello and piano
Another piece that promotes religious and musically stylistic harmony, Petunia explores the concepts of love and compassion. It is based on several quotes from the Bible, the Qua-ran, from Buddha and Schopenhauer. Petunia is a beautiful flower, the name of which remains almost unchanged in many of the world’s languages.

 Vocal and Choral Works

"Three Songs on Latin Languages Texts"  for mezzo-soprano and piano (poems by Salvatore Quasimodo, Paul Verlaine and Frederico Garcia Lorca)
A song cycle thought like a sonata in 3 movements based on the theme of death. Each song is written in a different romance language: Italian, French and Spanish. 
2007-200818 min.
First performance: Jutta Seppinen mezzo-soprano, Jaana Kärkkäinen piano, 05.05.2009, Balder Hall, Helsinki.
"Zestrea lui Zamolxe"  for mixed choir on a poem by Nicola Coman
A mystical piece, it uses a text composed especially for the piece by Nicolae Coman, in which almost all the words are of Dacian etymology. The Dacians are the ancestors of Romanians and only few words from their language are assumed to have survived the test of time.
20108 min.
First performance: Vokaali yhtye, Edward Ananian-Cooper conductor, 31.10.2012, Sibelius Academy concert hall, Korvat 35 festival, Helsinki.
"A Drunk’s Poem"  for baritone and violin (text: unknown author)
A funny song for baritone and violin; a drunken version of "twinkle, twinkle little star".
20113 min.
First performance: Herman Wallen baritone, Jaso Sasaki violin, 03.05.2011, Sibelius Academy Akte hall, Helsinki
"Ihana surullinen iltaa"  for soprano and piano; text by Katri Vala
A song about a Finnish nature, my only song in the Finnish language.
20135 min.
First performance: Emili Losier soprano, Tuomas Juutilainen piano, 19.06.2013, Grace Baptist church, Hope, Canada
"Laki ollos itsellesi"  for mixed choir (poems by Eino Leino)
Written on 3 different poems by Eino Leino, this piece is a search for self-acceptance and understanding.
20154 min.
First performance: Akateeminen Laulu, Edward Ananian-Cooper cond., 15.05.2015, Helga Trefaldighets kyrka, Uppsala, Sweden.

Large Ensebles / Chamber Orchestra Works

"Dialogue with a Forbidden Muse"  for chamber orchestra - 13 instrumentalists (1,1,1,1/1,0,1,0/pno, perc/1,1,1,1,1)
The piece stands as a question whether romanticism has a place in contemporary music or not. Romanticism in general is a very important binding arch in my music and this piece is one of the main pieces based on this theme of romance.
20069 min.
First performance: Profil ensemble, Tiberiu Soare conductor, 29.10.2006, UNMB Concert Hall, Profil Fetival, Bucharest.
"Aurora Borealis"  for violin, cello, flute, clarinet, piano, harp and percussion
Probably the best piece I’ve written. As in other works of mine, the material is based on inter-related leitmotifs. The music is divided into 3 movements that are played attacca: the cold, the dark and the light. The piece speaks about the difficulties one must endure throughout lifetime to achieve inner peace and wisdom. 
2007-200818 min.
First performance: Zagros ensemble, Nils Schweckendieck conductor, 05.06.2011, Sibelius Academy concert hall
"Très Petite Suite"  for flute, bassoon, French horn, violin, viola, cello, contrabass and percussion (large ensemble version)
A suite in 3 movements of 1 minute each. It was written for a children’s concert based on a Japanese theme of light and fire. 
20103 min.
First performance: Avanti! Tuomas Hannikainen conductor, 03.07.2010, Linnankosken lukio, Porvoo.
"It’s a Jester’s Life"  for chamber orchestra – 11 instrumentalists (1,1,1,1/0,0,0,0/pno,perc/1,1,1,1,1)
It's an eclectic work that combines different styles and techniques including tonal baroque and romantic music, quarter-tone music, ritualistic and rhythmical music. It's a satire to the composers' life in today's society.
201212 min.
First performance: ICon Arts ensemble, Gabriel Bebeselea conductor, ICon Arts festival, 27.07.2012, Sibiu.
"Whirlwind Mile" (former known as Finnair Fanfare)   for 10 brass instruments
It is written based on an experience I had in one of my often plane trips to Romania: a marvelous vortex of clouds at sunset.
20135 min.
First performance: Nouvel Ensemble Moderne, Lorraine Vaillancourt cond. Le Forum festival, 21.11.2014 Montreal Canada.
"It’s a Jester’s Life 2"   for chamber orchestra – 15 instrumentalists (1,1,2,1/1,1,1,0/pno,perc/1,1,1,1,1)
A continuation of the ideas presented in the first piece, this time in a more introspective manner. It was written for Nouvel Ensemble Moderne.
201413 min.
First performance: Nouvel Ensemble Moderne, Lorraine Vaillancourt cond. Le Forum festival, 21.11.2014 Montreal Canada.
"Whirlwind Mile"   for 11 wind instruments (revised version)
It is written based on an experience I had in one of my often plane trips to Romania: a marvelous vortex of clouds at sunset.
20155 min.
First performance: Puhalinkapubändi, Melanie Brooks conductor, 12.04.2015, Black Box of Musiikkitalo, Helsinki.

Orchestral Works

"A Story of the Sun and the Moon"  for medium sized orchestra (2,2,2,2/2,2,2,1/hp, celesta, pno, 2 perc, strings)
It tells the romantic story of the Sun and the Moon that, although in love, can never meet besides when there’s a total solar eclipse. A more simple but nevertheless beautiful music. 
20097 min.
Rehearsed and played by Radion Sinfoniaorkesteri Helsinki, Dimitri Slobodeniouk conductor, 27 and 28.09.2009, Sibelius Academy Concert Hall, 25 and 26.03.2010, Kulturi Talo, Helsinki.
"A Story of the Sun and the Moon"  for large orchestra (3,3,3,3/4,3,3,1/hp, pno, 3 perc, strings)
It tells the romantic story of the Sun and the Moon that, although in love, can never meet besides when there’s a total solar eclipse. A more simple but nevertheless beautiful music. 
20127 min.
First performance: Sibelius Academy’s conductors’ orchestra, Andreas Vogelsberger conductor, 27.10.2012, Sibelius Academy concert hall, Korvat 35 festival, Helsinki.
"Triple concerto"  for flute, clarinet, percussion and orchestra
A concerto based on the idea of the tripartition of the human being (body, spirit, mind), all of them elevating the self. 
201625 min.
First performance: Kaisa Kortelaien flute, Taavi Oramo clarinet, Daniel Bolado Garcia percussion, Kuopio philharmonic orchestra, Atso Almila conductor. 29.09.2016, Kuopio Music Center, Pasimusic festival, Kuopio.

Electronic Works

"The Garden with the Crystal Fountain"  for electric harp and live electronics
My only electronic work proposes a beautiful nocturnal and fragile image. My goal in this piece was to enrich through electronics, the already existing great potential of the harp sound.
20105 min.
First performance: Lily-Marlene Puusepp electric harp, Matei Gheorghiu electronics, 07.07.2010, Musiikin Aika, Viitasaari.

Multimedia Works

"Out of the Cradle Endlessly Rocking."  Collective piece (12 composers and video artist) for clarinet, cello, harp, accordion and percussion with film projection and electronics
A piece composed to match a movie projection with scenes from the ancient Babylon. All the scenes are from the 1916 silent film “Intolerance” directed by D. W. Griffith.
20094 min.
First performance: Seeli Toivio cello, Lily-Marlene Puusepp harp, Vincent Lhermet accordion, Lauri Vaahtoranta clarinet, Matei Gheorghiu percussion, Huba Hollokoi conductor, Tuulia Susiaho visual arts, 07.08.2009, Kiasma Theatre, Musica Nova Festival, Helsinki.
"Red Goes Global"  for actor, clarinet, horn, accordion, contrabass, piano four hands and electronics (part of a collective piece written by 7 composers)
The story of the Little Red Riding Hood transposed to modern times, where the Little Red Riding Hood  is a profiting and silly girl from a 3rd world country trying to integrate in richer countries like Germany, Italy or USA, run by wolves. It this piece, all the musicians have to act as different characters of the story, while the music is satiric and evokes citations from different pieces according to the country where the action takes place.
2010-201113 min.
First performance: Annika Fuhrman soprano/actor, Alvaro Rodriguez clarinet, Vincent Lhermet accordion, Elena Kakaliagou horn, Charis Pazaroulas contrabass, Maria Kaliompää and Matei Gheorghiu piano, Sebastian Dumitrescu electronics, 09.02.2011, Kapsäkki Theatre, Musica Nova festival, Helsinki.
"Popobawa"  for 2 guitars, electric bass guitar, keyboard, glockenspiel and kalimbas, with photography projection.
A piece that is based on the legend of the blood-sucking, shape-shifting  evil spirit from Zanzibar, Popobawa. The music is played on a video projection with pictures taken by video artist Melanie Orenius.
2012-20139 min.
First performance: Itzam Zapata and Szymon Pitrzak guitars, Sebastian Dumitrescu electric bass guitar, Matei Gheorghiu keyboard, glockenspiel and kalimbas, Melanie Orenius photography, 12.02.2013, Suvilahti Tiivistämö hall, Musica Nova festival, Helsinki.
"Little Memory Stories"  for improvisation group, live text and photography. Text and photography by Octavian Balea.
A piece that works with controlled improvisation. It was written based on Octavian Balea’s text with the same title and his photographs. The multiartistic project tells the story of Octavian’s grandmother’s last years of consciousness and his own first years of gaining consciousness as a little boy during the last days of communism in Romania..
2012-201430 min.
First performance: Korvat Auki Ensemble, Matei Gheorghiu cond. Octavian Balea text and photography, 17.05.2014, Sibelius Academy’s concert hall, Helsinki.